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This is a re-announcement. Applicants who already sent their materials do not need to send again. Your materials are under evaluation and Geres will inform you if you are shortlisted.
The energy technical expert will support the Project manager with her/his energy expertise and coordinating the technical activities with multi-stakeholders, in particular with the teams on the field. She/he will also provide support to experts during their missions and help them navigate the different components of the project.
Under the supervision of the Project Manager, and in coordination with project partners and experts, energy technical expert will be responsible for the following activities:

To lead and support the baseline study to identify main energy efficiency issues and gaps and prepare the adaptation of LEEAP to the province
To develop and reinforce the decision support and monitoring tools for Energy Efficiency in the province
To write energy efficiency reports for management and other staff members to summarize recommendations and areas of concern for advocacy and awareness purposes
To supervise the implementation of Constructors to implement Energy Efficiency retrofitting in educational public buildings
To advise staff members and management about project and products to use in construction that improved energy efficiency
To be involved in the UB LEEAP GIZ working group, to work on the adaptation of UB LEEAP to Arkhangai province
To develop the LEEAP for Arkhangai province with the Project Steering Committee

To support the development and dissemination of a comprehensive package of tools for replication and scale-up

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