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Thank you for visiting Shandast Travel website, Let's travel to Mongolia with SHANDAST TRAVEL. We arrange adventure travel in Mongolia , also cultural tours and tailor-made travels in Mongolia . We arrange group tours and independent tailor-made travels in beautiful part of Mongolia . Also we organize cultural & eco tours, extraordinary holiday vacation, jeep expedition, horse & camel riding treks, hiking and cycling vacations, home-stay in nomads' ger and adventure travels in Mongolia. The travels in Mongolia will give you chances to discover the land of millenium man Chingigs Khan and meet his descendants, listent to great colorful history of this country, enjoy the nationwide festivals, experience the nomadic lifestyle, as well as indulge in nature beauty of Central Asia. Our well experienced tour guides will help you to take a wonderful travel in Mongolia . Mongolia , Mongols … One of the oldest nations in the world that has left a noticeable imprint on mankind's history. Today Mongolia is nomads' land, where emerged democratic achievement and exist both of nomadic and urban civilizations next to each other. The country is a quite distinctive on that it still keeps golden heritage of nomadic Mongols as well as beautiful untouched wild nature…. Let's Travel to Mongolia with SHANDAST TRAVEL and for your support of responsible travel. With the warmest welcome we at Shandast Sharga LLC are inviting you to take part in our famous well-arranged, safe and educational tours, travel packages and ground travel services in Mongolia, You will enjoy our kinds of fantastic tour discounts as well as handy bonus services. We work hard to fulfill our guests' travel wishes and needs and make their dream tour in Mongolia. Our website is a well-known extensive database of Mongolian travel info and is dedicated to everyone SHANDAST TRAVEL has been offering innovative journeys since 2009 Shandast Travel is one of daughter companies of Shandast Sharga Today Shandast sharga LLC is the leading and most experienced tour operator in Mongolia with the official permission By Director...……For asking details about travel in Mongolia, please contact us at: Dalai_top@yahoo.com
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